unboxing a Peter Ott

Have you ordered your first Peter Ott but don’t know in which form you’ll receive it?

No problem! We’ll show you what you will receive and how the packaging looks.

Our products are carefully packaged in specially designed containers made with the most suitable materials for shipping. Generally, for international shipments we use solid packaging made of wood and shockproof cardboard. National shipments are handled with strong and light packaging.

Here are the suggested steps for a perfect unboxing:

Make sure you have enough free space and ideally protect any delicate floors.

Place the package horizontally, making sure that the opening side is the right way up.

To guarantee high security of the pictures, the opening side is secured by screws on the wooden structure. They can be easily removed with a Phillips screwdriver or power tool.

Once the packaging is open, you’ll find the picture accurately wrapped in bubble wrap and protected by tissue paper, which you must cut with the utmost care.


Now you can admire your picture! The rear appears as in the following pictures.


We suggest you handle the picture with care, always using the rear profile for a secure grip.


To fix the picture to the wall always use screw-in hooks, all technical details are inside the packaging,

Fixing the picture to the wall is ideally a two-person job.