Here is Peter Ott

Here is PeterOtt!

PeterOtt comes from the experience and the long collaboration between photographer Piero Ottaviano and the world of interior design.

Piero has always photographed the work of architects and designers, right at that moment of sublimation that every interior designer knows so well: the interior is complete to the last detail but the client has yet to take possession.

Listening to the needs of the best professionals in the industry, Piero Ottaviano’s photographic sensitivity, hence the name PeterOtt, has produced evocative works, never boring or rhetorical, which help to bring out the personality of the interior and strike the clients’ fancy.

The goal of PeterOtt is therefore to create images that complement the work of the interior designer and make their environments unique.

So this gaping market void can finally be filled! It is the balance that was missing between art, photography, interior design and interior decoration. Creating images that can be "in line" with the specified colours, materials, shapes, and can be made to measure, to adapt to the spaces in which they will be placed.

Piero rises to the challenge and, drawing on his refined imagery, which has always focused primarily on urban landscapes in black and white, he is committed to putting his long experience to good use by creating a new language.

Today, thanks to this new intuition, architects, interior designers and high-end furniture showrooms have at their disposal a large catalogue of high-level decorative works.