One-Thousand cities in one

The whole of Peter Ott’s cuban collection is made of frames shot in Havana’s Malecòn, eight kilometers of contrasting architectures facing the ocean. 

The Malecòn is an icon for Cubans, a meeting place, a communication artery, in contact with the ocean on one side and Havana on the other.

Whoever takes a look at the Malecòn will notice that the landscape is frozen in the 1960s.

The sea crashes into this long road, climbing over the protective wall. Passers-by never get upset, on the contrary they seem to have fun. And it is this almost relaxed atmosphere, with lights, landscape and peculiar shapes that gives the viewer the feeling of having entered a time machine.


The photographer’s attentive gaze is attracted by the extraordinary classic cars driving along the Malecòn, by the glow of the sea foam on the asphalt and by the glitter of its ripples. There are dozens of types of car, immortalized as they whiz between the lens and the ocean, in a moment suspended in time.

It also happens that a Cuban musician and a tourist appear on this promenade, chatting amiably. As with the classic cars, also in this case, time and space appear to freeze, remaining forever suspended.

Havana’s colonial architecture is no less of an attraction, scattered as it is among the streets of the old city, impressing and intriguing the visitor. The juxtapositions of buildings seem daring, one finds oneself in the midst of an orderly chaos, everything seems to fit perfectly within a symphony of decadent charm.

There is also a blue hour in Havana: it is that precise time when the sky after sunset takes on that characteristic hue and only a few street lamps illuminate the buildings overlooking the streets.

The PeterOtt Cuban collection sets out to convey and evoke all of these sensations. A thousand cities in one, great contrasts and a boundless romantic composure.