Graffiti interior design

For a long time, the word graffiti only had a negative connotation. However, it’s been a few years since the ability to express oneself through drawings and representations on urban walls has become a recognized form of art and no longer associated with a spirit of youthful rebellion.

The growing popularity of the art of graffiti has found its expression in interior design, thanks to the growing popularity of the industrial chic of New York lofts, which has made its way into people's tastes.

Often, graffiti evolve from being a symbol of decadence to the image of rebirth and a quest for renewal. And this is how, in cities all over the world, we can see that whole abandoned or “gritty” neighbourhoods have redeveloped to become the scene of sparkling urban artistic life.

One example for all is the Estern Market in Detroit (USA). This historic market area dating back to the nineteenth century, has now become famous for its graffiti. Artists are subsidized by the local administration to revive the outraged walls reclaiming them from their former decadence.


In this atmosphere, PeterOtt’s pictures become a symbol of the ongoing transformation of the urban landscape.

These works also represent the speed of change we are witnessing today, they are in fact unique and unrepeatable, because Detroit graffiti is routinely covered and "overwritten" by other drawings, gaining new details that increase their charm and exclusivity.

A PeterOtt work with these characteristics allows you to strongly characterize the design of a home. It displays clear personality and nods at the well-established trend of industrial furniture. Each shot carries with it an inherent meaning which keeps the style of the interior in which it is placed from becoming trite and trivial through the use of common decorative elements.